Latvia Industrial Coating
Latvia Industrial Coating is one of the most modern and newest automatic conveyor type powder coating lines in Latvia, which started operating in 2019

Total production area > 1800 m2

Automatic line conveyor working speed 1-4m / min

Maximum dimensions of parts: 3000x1500x800mm (length, height, width)

Maximum weight of one part: <100kg

Manual powder coating equipment: Wagner and Gema

Powders we have in stock: IGP, CWS, Jotun, Teknos, Interpon, Neokem, Tiger, etc.

The 26m automatic pre-treatment line for parts contains the following processing steps:

  1. Parts washing and first degreasing;
  2. Degreasing and phosphating (Before applying the powder paint, the metal is washed with an alkaline solution, followed by phosphatization and passivation);
  3. Four-stage washing with reverse osmosis demineralized and desalinated water

After pre-treatment, the parts are dried in an oven at 120 °C - 150 °C, then cooled to ambient temperature and coated with the appropriate powder paint. After powder coating, the parts enter the main oven where, depending on the speed of the conveyor and the technological requirements of the particular paint, the paint cures for 10-20 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C to 240 ° C.

The full work cycle, from hanging the part on the line to packing, takes 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the part, quality requirements and other factors.
Particular attention is paid to quality control before packing parts, which is performed according to customer requirements. Each part can be packed separately, you can see examples of packing in the section - gallery.
You can upload your drawings and request a quote from us in the contact section (link to contacts).
Order fulfillment term 1-5 working days.


SIA "Latvia Industrial Coating"

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